Do Isometrics Build Muscle

Do isometrics build muscle?

This is a question that has been asked for generations. Many people believe this to be true, but there are also many doubters.

In this article we will discuss three commonly asked questions about isometric workouts and if they really work. Most people think that the only way to build muscle is to either use free weights or some other type of exercise. This is very untrue, and we will discuss the reasons why in the next few paragraphs.

So let’s get to answering the question of… Do isometrics build muscle!
do isometrics build muscle

Do Isometrics Build Muscle – Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. “All the bodybuilders in the world, you only ever see them in gym lifting free weights. If isotonic exercises work and they use them instead?”

While it is true that you do see most bodybuilders using free-weights in gyms, they also do incorporate isometrics into their weightlifting program. This is meant to make the muscle stronger as well as give a more ripped look. One way that bodybuilders use isometrics is by tensing their muscles and holding the contraction for a few seconds in between sets.

2. “How do isometrics build muscle?”

Using isometric exercises to build muscle is the most time efficient way to get results. You can do almost any of them in 7 to 10 seconds. You will get the same results and feel much better, when compared to using free weights or other exercise machines. By using your muscles to push against an immovable object, every fiber in the muscle stimulated. This promotes muscle strengthening and muscle growth at the same time. The best way to understand isometrics is to compare it to that last repetition when you can’t push any further. When you are doing that last rep and you get stuck at a certain position and you keep pushing, that’s an isometric contraction.

3. “Why use Isometrics over free-weights?”

Well yes, using free weights will help you build muscle, there is also a fairly good risk of injuring yourself. With free-weights, there is a lot of pressure on your joints. If too much pressure is placed on the joints or muscles, you can get a muscle tear or strain.

On the other hand with isometrics, there is no such pressure on your joints, you’re simply using the force of an immovable object against your muscles to help strengthen. Also,isometric exercises take much less time to do than almost any other exercise known to man.

If the question of do isometrics build muscle is still being doubted in your mind, take a second think about everything discussed. You save a ton of time exercising, as well as money. There is also no risk for injury. You can’t really go wrong with them.

Now that you know the answer to the question “do isometrics build muscle” you need to make a decision and get started with an isometric exercise program as soon as possible.

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