Cando Resistance Bands Review – What Consumers Want to Know

The Cando Fitness Adjustable Resistance Band System

The Cando Fitness Adjustable Resistance Band Systems are a portable home gym that is lightweight and can provide you with a total body workout.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and as a result it can be used anywhere – home, office or even on vacation. Just throw it into your suitcase and you’re ready to go.


The system comes with resistance bands that can be attached to handles.

You also get 2 foam handles, an exercise instruction card along with a leg attachment strap. The company sells five different systems that range in resistance from light to heavy (whatever that means Smile)

The company utilizes a color coding system to determine the resistance level of each band. You can fitness-chickattach multiple bands to one handle and they also include a carrying case.

So, if you are looking to get in shape or just tone your body a resistance band home gym like this one can help you achieve your fitness goals.

However, in this article we want to compare the Cando fitness adjustable resistance band system to other companies on the market today.

In this brief write-up, you will discover some things that you should know before you purchase the Cando Resistance Bands. In addition to information about their top three competitors, the pros and cons – and what you really get for your money..

Let’s take a look at what this author considers to be the top three resistance bands on the market today.

They are listed in ratings order, meaning the best one is number one etc.

1. Bodylastics

2. Ripcords

3. B lines resistance bands or P90X bands

There are other resistance bands manufacturers however; most fitness pros consider these three to be the tops in the industry.

Let’s start out by taking a look at the…

Bodylastics System

Bodylastics-P90XThe company offers 7 different systems starting at $28.95. All the system started at 5 pounds of resistance and can go as high as 404 pounds of tension. The way this is accomplished is by attaching multiple bands to one handle. The company utilizes a “Steel Clip System” for extra security and safety. This way the bands will not slip out from the handle and cause injury.

The system comes with four exercise bands each of different tension levels, 2 super sturdy handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 a door anchor, 1 workout DVD with an e-book style user manual, 3 months of free access to their video training website, as well as a storage or travel bag for their safekeeping.

All the systems come with a lifetime defects warranty so, if the bands should ever break snap or crack they will be replaced for no charge or for a nominal charge for shipping and handling.

As you can see the company provides a great deal for a small amount of money and that’s why they are considered to be the premier manufacturer of resistance bands on the market today.

Ripcord Exercise Bands


The company offers different exercise tubes of different tension levels just like Bodylastics however; each of the bands is attached to one handle. You don’t get the flexibility of adding multiple bands to one handle. The company does offer you a lifetime defects warranty as well. They offer multiple systems to suit your fitness goals.

B Lines Resistance Bands

These are the bands that are heavily promoted on the P90X infomercials. Sometimes they are referred to as the Tony Horton bands or the P90X resistance bands. Similar to the Ripcords you can only attach one band to a handle at a time. They do not offer any kind of lifetime defects warranty as far as we can find on their website. They do include a user manual and the resistance levels are up to 82 pounds.


In conclusion:

The Cando Fitness Adjustable Resistance Band System is inexpensive however, they are more suited for a beginner and even then they will probably outgrow them very quickly. Your best bet is to look at one of the three recommended bands and pick one of those.

In this author’s opinion, in the long run the Bodylastics resistance band system is probably your best bargain.

The Great Gama and Isometrics Training

The Great Gama Workout Routine

The Great Gama Isometrics workout routine can also be considered an old-time strongmen exercise program.

His workouts focused mainly on bodyweight exercises, isometrics along with using weighted Indian clubs.


If you’re not familiar with the Great Gama (Ghulam Muhammad, is his real name) he is considered the most successful wrestler in history. He competed in more than 5000 matches and never lost one. Perhaps, genetics was part of his great strength.

You see, when he was 10 years old he was already capable of performing 500 dands (Hindu push-ups) as well as 500 bethaks (Hindu squats.)

I think you would agree that this is quite a spectacular feat for a child of 10 years of age. Although he wrestled every day he did not compete until after he was 15 years of age.

The Great Gama Exercises

Great Gama Hindu Pushups (Danas)

Let’s explore how to perform a Hindu squat and a Hindu push-up.

The Hindu squats starts from a standing position with your feet at 45° angles. As you squat down you roll onto the walls of your feet lifting your heels off the ground. Granted, this is not a very easy movement however it will develop your endurance as well as your like strength. When you start out you should do approximately 65 to 100 Hindu squats.

Those old-time wrestlers would perform up to 1000 Hindu squats per day. At a minimum they would perform between 600 to 900 Hindu squats.

The Great Gama is reputed to have performed 5000 Hindu squats and 3000 Hindu push-ups every day of his life.

Watch this video to learn the proper technique for Hindu squats and Hindu push-ups.

The Hindu push-up starts in the normal or regular push-up position. However, as you go down to the ground you move in a circular motion very similar to the “Downward Dog” movement in yoga.

As the Great Gama became older his workout consisted of wrestling with 30 to 50 wrestlers per day, performing 500 Hindu squats and 3000 or more Hindu push-ups.

As you can imagine, this is a very demanding workout. It’s no wonder that the Great Gama was undefeated in his wrestling career. This type of training program was the foundation of all the great Indian wrestlers.

In addition to bodyweight exercises the Great Gama also utilized Indian clubs.

Indian club training

An indian club closely resembles a wooden bowling pin. However, they come in different sizes as well as different weights.

Indian Club Training

The exercise routines start out by swinging the clubs in a predetermined pattern as part of their exercise program. The clubs range in weight from just a few pounds to as much as 50 pounds. Typically, the Indian club workout was performed with a group of other exercisers. Usually led by one individual – this was very much like today’s group exercise classes.

The routines of course varied by the weight of the club and the group’s ability or strength.

After winning the championship wrestling title in India back in 1909, Great Gama began traveling throughout Europe with the circus. He would challenge anyone in the audience – taking on all comers – to a wrestling match. As a result of this touring, he was able to meet and defeat some of the top wrestlers of that period.

During his circus days he challenged many individuals to a wrestling match. These were the greatest champions of their day. Names like Frank Gotch, George Hackenschmidt, as well as some famous Japanese judo champions. Unfortunately, they all turned down the Great Gama.

Pehalwani (Wrestling) in punjab

Below you will find a video that explains some of the workout techniques of the great an current Indian wrestlers.

History Of Indian Wrestling

Modern Day Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Many of the wrestling arts are now incorporated in mixed martial arts competitions.

In the video below, you can learn a little bit about Gracie jujitsu or Brazilian jujitsu as it’s also commonly referred to.

Many of the techniques of wrestling have found its way into this grappling art. Today, it is an undisputed fact that most fights will end up on the ground. As a consequence, every martial artist as well as mixed martial arts practitioner takes the time to study Brazilian jujitsu.

This martial art has revolutionized all the fighting arts.

We can credit many of the old-time wrestlers such as the Great Gama and many others for many of the techniques and strategies of modern-day jujitsu.

Isometric Exercises

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone burst on the scene showing off their bodybuilding muscles, the biggest rage for exercising at home was isometric exercises.

isometric exercises Arnold SchwarzeneggerIn essence, isometrics are part of all bodybuilding or weightlifting exercises. You see, at the point where you can no longer push the barbell or dumbbell up… that becomes an isometric or static contraction.

==> Click here for more Isometric exercises <==

An isometric contraction is nothing more than a movement where you apply pressure or resistance to an object that either resists back or doesn’t move.

A good example of a isometric machine is the Bullworker or the BULLY EXTREME isometric exerciser.

Weightlifting Versus Isometrics

The reality is that Isometrics can actually give you a greater muscular contraction than what you would normally get from strength training or weightlifting.

The major advantage of using isometric exercises or a piece of isometric exercise equipment is that the workout doesn’t take as long as a traditional weightlifting program. This also makes isometrics very portable because they can be performed just about anywhere. If you don’t have a great deal of time, a great deal of space, or a lot of money to spend then isometric exercise is the ticket for you.

You can forget about expensive home gyms like the Bioforce, Bowflex or even the Total Gym.

However, there are a few disadvantages that may be why we don’t hear much about isometrics since they were replaced by traditional body building.isometric exercises on Schwarzenegger bodybuilding

Disadvantages of Iso-Exercises

For example, it can raise your blood pressure if you hold your breath and most people tend to do just that.

This may cause your blood pressure to become elevated and this could cause some problems. It is essential than, that during any exercise movement that you breathe regularly.

Isometrics only works one individual muscle group. Therefore, the best way to perform these exercise movements would be to come at them from different positions or angles. This will give you the same effect as lifting weights because you’re using a full range of motion.

In spite of the drawbacks, isometrics can still be beneficial when done during your workout instead of just replacing it. Here are some ways to add them into your regular routine to be most beneficial.

Another possible disadvantage of isometrics is that it only works one specific muscle group at a time. In order to target the entire muscle you would need to exercise from another position and a different angle. This would replicate performing a full range of motion exercise or isotonic’s.

Aside from some of these disadvantages there are many advantages to performing isometric exercises.

Iso-movements can be beneficial in a variety of athletic sports that require you to utilize static strength or isometrics. Some of the sports include but are not limited to Brazilian jujitsu, judo, wrestling, Archery, mountain climbing, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, shooting, horseback riding, power lifting and others.

Charles Atlas and Isometrics

As mentioned earlier, isometric exercises have been around for a long time.

These types of movements were performed by Chinese monks were performing kung fu or Wu Shu as it’s commonly called in China today. Many of the movements are part of yoga as well as Pilates today. It’s in the early days of strongmen and “physical culture” that this type of exercise movement was brought to the attention of the public. Individuals like Charles Atlas, Alexander Zass, and others popularized these type of static movements.

However, Charles Atlas did not utilize true isometric exercises. His muscle building course “Dynamic Tension” utilized what he called “Dynamic Self Resistance.” Where he pitted one muscle group against another while moving across the muscle range. Many of the exercises in his course are simple calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups etc.


Bruce Lee and Isometrics

One of the most notable proponents of isometric exercise was Bruce Lee.

He began using iso-exercises when he first took up the martial arts. As I mentioned earlier, isometrics has long been included in traditional martial arts classes. Bruce Lee took it one step further by utilizing different pieces of isometric
exercise equipment. He utilized the Bullworker as well as a power rack  to help increase his speed and power.

He focused more on this type of training after he sustained a back injury from performing some dangerous weightlifting exercises. The exercise is called the “Good  Morning.” In his training he utilized what has now been termed “post isometric exercise contraction.” He would perform several repetitions of the exercise and then on the last  repetition he would hold the tension (static hold) for approximately 7 to 10 seconds.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands – Is It the $50 Bowflex Alternative

Have you heard about the Bodylastics resistance bands?

Well, check out this article and learn why countless folks are saving both time and money using this lightweight home gym. Perhaps you have had a gym membership in the past.

Typically, many people have joined a gym or health club however, very few show up.

Bodylastics resistance Bands
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P90X Resistance Bands – How to Choose the Best Exercise Tubes

In the event that you’re curious about finding out a lot more about the P90X resistance bands, then grab a seat and take a few minutes looking over this brief article.

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to be going over a couple of the benefits and drawbacks of the P90X resistance bands. Incidentally, Beachbody the merchant that promotes these fitness tubes additionally sells them as the B lines resistance bands. Please bear that in mind as you peruse this review simply because we’ll interchange both names.

If you are thinking of performing the power 90 extreme work out and are also looking to determine whether you should purchase hand weights or workout tubes, then this article can help you when making that choice also.

So first, why don’t we discuss some of the advantages of the Beach Body exercise bands:

1. Can be used in the Power 90 Extreme workout or any other at your home working out.

2. The tensile strength it offers is incredibly small so it’s only good for novices

3. They’re quite low-priced4. Like all fitness tubes that are completely portable

5. They don’t require a large workout area


1. Resistance levels are quite weak

2. The product does not come with any defects or replacement warranty.

3. Unfortunately, you can’t add multiple bands to the handles.

4. You only get to tubes or bands with each of their two most popular sets

While are expectations of this product were high really disappointed with the fact that their systems lack many of the features that you would want in a quality set up workout tubes or bands. Just as an example, they don’t even include a door anchor or door attachment with their system. The door anchor or door attachment allows you to attach the bands to a fence or door. In this way, you can perform additional exercises in many cases just like an expensive lat machine at a gym. If you don’t have this attachment you will be very limited in the number of movements that you be able to perform.The only thing you can do is either purchase the door attachment or purchase a pull up bar and use that. In spite of this, this is still not as effective as having a door attachment.

The other problem we have with this product is that it does not offer any kind of replacement warranty. On the other hand, they do offer you a 30 day guarantee on the product unfortunately, this did not solve the problem A replacement warranty is one of the most important things that you want when you purchase exercise tubes. Yet, in the case of elastic as you most likely know already, before long it loses the elasticity or tensile potency. So from repeated use you are really receiving a lesser amount of resistance in comparison with if your product was brand-new. Some of the better companies will exchange the item if it should ever lose its tensile strength, snap or even break. Typically, they do this without any additional cost although in some cases they may ask you for a modest amount of money for shipping and handling. Regardless this really is still cheaper than needing to buy a new pair of exercise tubes.

Whether or not you choose to use hand weights or the P90X resistance bands for your power 90 extreme work out or any other type of exercise routine, keep these guidelines in mind so you get your money’s worth.

Looking for more articles or reviews about P90X resistance bands? then check out the build muscle guide and discover more articles, videos, sample workouts and routines of the P90X workout routine.